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Mongodb Vs Sql

MongoDB vs SQL

MongoDB and SQL databases are two polar opposite sides of the backend world. The former deals with chaotic unstructured data, while the latter works with organized structured data. Both worlds have their own advantages and disadvantages and are meant for different types of use cases. In this article, we will do an in-depth comparison between …

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Native Analytics On MongoDB Atlas With Knowi – Tutorial

Table of Contents Introduction Creating Your First Visualization Connecting to MongoDB Atlas Writing Your First Query Creating Your First Visualization Drilldowns Data blending NoSQL and SQL data with Joins Connecting Your Datasources Joining Your Datasources Post-Processing With Cloud9QL Advanced Features Natural Language Processing & Self-Service Analytics with Knowi Integrated Machine Learning Create a Workspace Data …

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Visualization Solutions for MongoDB

Table of Contents Introduction MongoDB’s Data Explorer Tools MongoDB Data Explorer MongoDB Compass Visualization Solutions Transforming MongoDB Data for Use In Standard BI Tools ETL and Data Warehousing Use an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Data Connector Industry-Standard BI Tools  Tableau Qlik Looker Native Solutions Custom Code MongoDB Charts Knowi Summary Introduction In the first part …

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Getting Started with MongoDB Atlas: Overview and Tutorial

Table of Contents Introduction Database-as-a-Service MongoDB Atlas Overview Pricing Getting Started with MongoDB Atlas Creating an Atlas Account Deploy a Free Tier Cluster Whitelist Your Connection IP Address Create a MongoDB User for Your Cluster Connect to Your Cluster Insert and View Data in Your Cluster Summary Takeaways Introduction Database-as-a-Service In recent years, the database …

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Is MongoDB Good for Analytics?

tl;dr For those who don’t have time to read the full article, here’s a “too long; didn’t read” summary: NoSQL databases like MongoDB offer superior benefits when dealing with big data over SQL because of their flexible schema requirements However, SQL databases have been traditionally favored by most data managers for data analysis. Especially because …

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MongoDB Analytics Tips and Traps

Free Advice When Starting a MongoDB Analytics Project MongoDB excels at analytics. Every week, we have customers building MongoDB analytics, queries and dashboards to help their business teams uncover new insights.  We have seen outstanding performance from good practices and have seen issues with common bad practices. We have customers performing many different types of …

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Bad Marriage

Tableau and MongoDB Analytics: Why It’s a Bad Marriage

The Challenges of MongoDB Analytics with Tableau First off, we are not here to bash Tableau. Tableau is an excellent analytics tool for structured relational data. Our point here is that data has moved beyond well-understood structured data and now includes semi-structured and unstructured data stored in newer NoSQL databases, like MongoDB. Trying to using …

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Mongodb Atlas

Review: MongoDB Atlas Database-as-a-Service

MONGODB ATLAS REVIEW The big news at MongoDB World 2016 last week was the launch of Atlas, MongoDB’s own Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS). Atlas makes deployment and management of MongoDB easier, with managed hardware provisioning, failure recovery and backups. Atlas is currently available on AWS, with the service soon available within Azure and Google Platform. OUR TAKE …

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