Search-Based Analytics

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Search-based Analytics with Knowi + Microsoft Teams

Knowi’s search-based analytics with Microsoft Teams integration allows you to ask questions from your Knowi data, retrieve reports, schedule queries, and much more, all within the Teams app.

What Is Search Based Analytics

What is Search-Based Analytics?

You can think of search-based analytics as a search engine for your company data. Search-based analytics is the ability to ask questions like “what was our net revenue last quarter” or “show me how many people downloaded our app in the last 30 days sorted by week” and get back actionable data and charts.

Search Based Analytics On Slack

Search-based Analytics with Knowi’s Slack Integration

In this post, we go through the steps of configuring your Knowi Slack integration, getting hands-on with Knowi’s search-based analytics by asking your data questions via Slack, and providing sample questions you can try for yourself.