CDAO was great!

We loved getting to connect with you in Boston

Hope you enjoyed the free lattes at the Knowi coffee cart

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Check out this video about why we chose CDAO Fall 2019

The Knowi Coffee Cart

We contributed to CDAO 2019 by making and giving out free espresso drinks. We hope you enjoyed our Data Cappuccinos, No ETL Espressos, or Machine Learning Macchiatos. 

Menu of coffee options we will have available at the Knowi coffee cart at CDAO

Trivia Bonus

Were you able to tell us the difference between a flat white and a cortado? Get in touch and we'll extend your Knowi free trial to 30 days

Our 30 - Second Teaser Trailer

What is Knowi

Today’s data is big and messy. To analyze modern data, you need a BI solution that can instantly connect to any data, structured or unstructured, without the hassle and expense of moving or transforming it. Knowi is the only full-stack analytics platform that natively integrates to all the popular NoSQL data stores, as well as relational and Cloud APIs sources. Our innovative data layer eliminates the need for ETL or custom coding to move, flatten and transform data for analytics.

Wondering who you spoke to?

Here's our CDAO team

They were your coffee slinging, data wrangling baristas​ at CDAO 2019

Christina Pappas


Ryan Levy

chief operating officer

Knowi CEO Jay Gopalakrishnan smiles at the camera

Jay Gopalakrishnan

chief executive officer

Feeling cold pressed to find the right BI solution for your company?


Knowi branded coffee cups getting filled with hot espresso

Bitter about having to move your data with ETL?

Feeling CDAO FOMO?

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We’d love to buy you a coffee and see if Knowi is the right business intelligence solution for your company.

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