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Snowflake Analytics

Knowi provides native analytics on Snowflake to provide instant insights from your Snowflake data. With support for nested JSON within Snowflake, intelligent query execution to lower your compute costs, a Natural Language layer for self-serve business users, along with and integrated machine learning for advanced use cases, Knowi provides the next generation analytics platform for Snowflake customers.

Native Snowflake Analytics

You simply connect Knowi to your Snowflake cluster and start writing queries. Knowi is the only complete BI solution that is fully native to Snowflake with support for nested objects and arrays.

Join Snowflake with other NoSQL or Relational Data Sources

Combine Snowflake with NoSQL, Relational, RDBMS and APIs on the fly to build virtualized data models.

Self-Service Snowflake Reporting with Natural Language Processing

Use the power of Google search like Natural Language capabilities to enable business users to perform ad-hoc analysis and customize their dashboards.

Embedded Snowflake Analytics

With just a few clicks, you can securely embed dashboards directly into your data applications your business teams are already using. Users can also share dashboards or email PDF reports to extend analytics reporting to offline users enterprise-wide.

Reduce Snowflake Compute Costs

With intelligent caching of query results and a powerful data services layer, Knowi allows you to execute queries, store results and incrementally update the results, thus allowing reuse of datasets and also drive down compute costs.

Machine Learning, Actions and Alerts

With our machine learning workbench, you can integrate machine learning directly into your Snowflake analytics workflows and automatically trigger actions based on resulting calculations. Automate actions or notifications and easily send notifications with data attached or invoke a webhook to initiate a process in a downstream application.

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