COVID-19 Data Access API

This page outlines a simple API to access COVID-19 datasets that Knowi has curated from other sources.

API Usage


API Parameters

Parameter Comments
entityName Name of the dataset/widget to export. Must be URL encoded. Required
c9SqlFilter Optional SQL like Filter to manipulate the data returned. For more details, see Cloud9QL documentation. Optional
exportFormat json or csv format. Optional, defaults to json is none specified.


Dataset Source
States Testing Data Current
States Testing Historical
Raw County level Data
Latest Day County Level Data
County 7 day growth rates
States Realtime API
Realtime API
John Hopkins Coronavirus Dataset John Hopkins
John Hopkins Coronavirus Dataset US Only John Hopkins
Death Projections and Hospital Projections — IHME
MIT Model Hospitalization and Deaths Projections — MIT Model
Columbia University Model Hospitalization and Deaths Projections — Columbia University


To get data from “State Testing Historical” dataset:
Same, this time with a Cloud9QL query applied to filter for California:*%20where%20State%20like%20California