Coronavirus Data Hub Updates

Here are our updates on the Coronavirus Data Hub. This is where we will post general descriptions/updates as well as videos and short-form posts where we extract insights from the data.

It's almost Memorial Day! Does that mean I can go to my friend's BBQ party?

May 21, 2020

See the dashboard here

With most states loosening shelter-in-place restrictions and Memorial Day weekend coming up, it’s a good time to ask: is it safe? In this video Sarah looks at some of the data in the Knowi Coronavirus Data Hub and tries to answer that very question.

When can we re-open America safely?

May 5, 2020

See the dashboard for yourself here.

In this video Sarah shows the Knowi dashboard for the Columbia COVID-19 forecast model. She changes between 40% social contact reduction to 20% to show how dramatic the impact is.

Search-based analytics on COVID-19 data

April 30, 2020

See the dashboard here.

Our COO Ryan again agreed to get in front of the camera and give us a demo of the new search-based analytics feature on our Coronavirus Data Hub!

Animated Heatmap of COVID-19 cases in the United States

April 25, 2020

See the COVID-19 visualization here. Sean shows a new data visualization: an animated heatmap of how COVID-19 cases progressed in the United States by county.

Animated timeline of COVID-19 cases in California: How does the SF Bay Area compare with LA county?

April 21, 2020

See the COVID-19 visualization here.

Join Sean as he shows the new animated timeline of Coronavirus cases in California by county. See how cases in Los Angeles County, San Diego County, and the SF Bay Area compare.

How to view COVID-19 forecasts by county and state

April 18, 2020

Join Ryan as he shows how to view COVID-19 projections at the state and county level. He also shows how to do data drilldowns.

We added a COVID-19 Projection Dashboard: Here's how it works

April 16, 2020

Join Sarah as she explains the new COVID-19 Projections Dashboard on the Knowi Coronavirus Data Hub. Data for the dashboard is from IHME.

We've been sheltering-in-place for a what?

April 14, 2020

Join Sarah as she takes a look at what the COVID-19 numbers are looking like in the SF Bay Area after 30 days of sheltering in place.

Which countries are flattening the curve?

April 12, 2020

Join Ryan as he takes a look at the COVID-19 case data for countries most affected by the novel Coronavirus and tries to assess if any seem to be successfully flattening the curve.

Why did New York become the biggest COVID-19 hot spot in the US?

April 8, 2020

Join Sarah as she shows a new animated data visualization of how COVID-19 cases expanded in different states. Watch in real time as New York progresses from having the same number of cases as Washington and California to having an order of magnitude more.

Is the SF Bay Area flattening the curve?

April 7, 2020

In this video, Sarah takes a quick look at the data to see if we can glean any insights about what effect the early shelter-in-place order is having on new COVID-19 cases in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Quick walkthrough of the COVID-19 Data Hub

April 6, 2020

In this video, Sean takes us through a brief tour of what’s in the new COVID-19 Data Hub.