Natural Language Processing (Beta)

Natural Language capabilities is a powerful way to enable self service analytics to non-technical users, by asking questions in plain english to drive insights and visualizations quickly.



Natural Language capabilities are available for all widgets within a dashboard. It can be accessed using the Natural Language/Self Serve Analytics icon on a widget. After typing in, hit enter. The results will be displayed with data.

Natural Language Processing


Ad hoc analytics can be applied during the data plumbing/query phase. Upon a query preview, use natural language (instead of drag and drop on the ad hoc grid) to drive any final processing. This will be saved as part of the query.


Following is a small selection of the sort of language that can be applied.

Simple field selection
"bounced, sent, customer"

"bounced and sent and customer"

"Show me all for Wells Fargo"

"all for customer Wells Fargo"

"all fields for customer like Wells Fargo"

"bounced and sent for Wells Fargo"
"Total sent by customer"

"Total sent by customer by week"

"Total sent, Total bounced for Wells Fargo"

"Average Sent, Total bounced by customer by campaign_name for newsletter"
"all for date after January this year"

"average close monthly"

"close by date for january this year"

"close by date for january last year"

"close by date between january and march this year"