Unify, Analyze and Visualize your data in one place.

Knowi is an end-to-end Data Analytics platform that integrates with SQL, NoSQL, Rest API and cloud data sources. With best in class BI capabilities, powered by Gen AI, Knowi lets you unify, analyze and visualize your data in one place.

Natively integrate to data sources like SQL, NoSQL (MongoDB, Elasticsearch, InfluxDB…), Rest API and cloud data sources

Ask questions of your data in plain English
Get to market faster with Embedded Analytics
30+ visualization to create dashboards that matter
Secure Data access to ensure the right people access the right data

Choose between Cloud or On-Prem deployment options

“My team tested various data visualization tools like PowerBI, Domo, Sisense and Knowi emerged as the top choice for its speed in creating useful dashboards and ease of use for non-technical users. While we selected Knowi as a viz tool, I’m also happy we did so from a data engineering perspective. Knowi’s architecture models data thoughtfully, which I’d credit for enabling a collection of elegant features.”

Phil Bryant

VP Business Intelligence, MacroFab

G2 Awards

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The integration of Knowi’s data services into our data platform marked a significant leap in our data management capabilities. Today, 90% of transactions leverage Knowi as a data service platform, rather than just for visualization. This evolution underscores the versatility and robustness of Knowi’s offerings.

Maksim Pavlishin

Head of Engineering, Ampush

As a non-technical founder, having a tool like Knowi is a game-changer and Knowi’s support team’s willingness to answer our questions and engage in the community Slack channel is an incredible asset. …keep up the great work – we love using your product and your team is a delight to work with.

Lillian Rafson
Founder & CEO, Pack Up + Go
Knowi is an exceptional BI platform, especially for startups It perfectly balances flexibility and ease of use, backed by a supportive and responsive team. At Hometime, Knowi has become an indispensable part of our BI platform, seamlessly fitting our needs and exceeding our expectations.
Gonzalo Perez Fariña
Business Intelligence Lead, Hometime

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect for your Knowi demo

It can vary a bit depending on what you are trying to accomplish. But usually, the solutions engineer will help you create a trial account, walk you through some of the features of Knowi, ask you a bit about what you're trying to accomplish, and help you connect your first data source. 


For us, it makes the most sense to help you understand the product and see if your use case really is a good fit for Knowi. If we think we're not the best fit to solve your problem, we may recommend another solution. 

That said, we will usually have one of our business team members on the call just to make sure we're not wasting our time 🙂

It usually helps to know a little about what kind of data you're working with and what you're trying to accomplish. 

For example, if all of your data is stored in MongoDB Atlas or Snowflake, it would be good to have those credentials on hand so that we can connect your new trial account to your data. 

These calls can go quick, so the more you have prepared ahead of time, the further along we will be able to get you before time runs out. 

Yes. In fact, we recommend it. You can signups for a free trial account here.

When one of our team members reaches out to setup a time, just be sure to let them know that you have a trial account already.

Demo calls not your thing?