Couchbase Analytics

Welcome to the only couchbase reporting solution that natively integrates to your Couchbase buckets or dataverse. With Knowi, you just connect your Couchbase database and start building Couchbase N1QL queries. There is no data to move and no drivers to install. Try our demo below.

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Couchbase Reporting Made Easy

Native Couchbase Analytics

Knowi natively integrates to Couchbase. We generate N1QL queries to push down to your Couchbase database for execution. Knowi is the only Couchbase analytics platform that uses their native API's. There are no ODBC drivers to install and no data is moved. Connect. Query. Visualize. Go get a beer because that's it, you're done.

Supports N1QL and Couchbase Analytics Service

Couchbase's new analytics service is a powerful real-time data exploration tool that creates a view, called a Dataverse. You can also query Couchbase buckets directly with their powerful N1QL query language. Knowi works seamlessly with either so you can leverage the full power of your Couchbase investment for blow your socks off analytics.

Blend Couchbase Buckets, other NoSQL or Relational Data Sources

Couchbase is a powerful engagement database to support Customer 360 and other digital transformation initiatives. Even so, if you're like most organizations, your data stack also includes other NoSQL, Relational, and API sources. Knowi uniquely enables you to dynamically blend data from multiple sources and eliminate costly ETL processes.

Natural Langage BI on Couchbase

Your business teams want self-service analytics for anyone. Knowi enables an entirely new self-service experience for business analysts and non-technical business users. Natural language queries enable business user to simply type in a question in English. Business analysts enjoy powerful ad-hoc analysis capabilities to find new insights and customize their dashboards.

Embed Analytics into Your Couchbase Powered Data Applications

Embedding analytics is one of the best ways to democratize data and analytics. Knowi enables multiple ways for you to embed dashboards or visualizations so you can put analytics into the hands of everyone in the applications they already use.

Go Beyond Couchbase Dashboards to Data-Driven Actions

Get your Couchbase data working for you. Monitor datasets for conditions you specify and automatically send notifications or push data to other systems when those conditions are met. It's a great way to proactively monitor for anomalies and prevent small problems from becoming big problems.

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