Knowi Unified Analytics

Turns Raw Data to Insights, Foresights and Actions

Business Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence
in a Unified Analytics Platform

Knowi's all-in-one analytics platform enables business intelligence teams to combine hindsight and foresight to trigger data-driven actions that matter.

Upload a file or
prepare new
datasets, instantly,
with native integration
to popular SQL and
NoSQL sources, and
Use our built-in
algorithms, or bring
your own, and review
multiple factors to
evaluate the best
algorithm for your use
Integrate models
directly into any
analytics workflow.
One click and you're
done. No complex
integration projects.
data-driven actions to
trigger downstream
applications or send

Machine Learning Features

Prepare Your Training Data

Prepare Your Training Data

Eliminate the need for separate cumbersome Data Preparation tools to create your training dataset. With Knowi, there is no need to move unstructured data info a relational structures before you can use it.

Drag & Drop Query Generation

Evaluate and Train Your Models

Knowi includes a number of built-in open source algorithms. Optionally, you can upload your own proprietary algorithm. Simply select the algorithm(s) you want to evaluate againts your dataset and preview the results. We provide multiple factors to help you evaluate the best algorithm for your use case.

Prepare Your Training Data

Integrate Your Model into Any Analytics Workflow

Knowi eliminates the need for complex integration projects in order to use your machine learning models. When building your advanced analytics query, you select the model to use from a drop down menu and save the query, When the query runs, it will use your model. Simple as that.

Drag & Drop Query Generation

Trigger Data-Driven Actions

With Knowi's Trigger Notifications, you can automate actions or notifications based on the results of your advanced analytics query. With the flexability to initiate an action in a downstream applications, or quarantine data, or simply to send an email to an operator, you can configure actions to meet multiple use cases.

Use Cases


No one likes surprises especially when it means adding more costs. Predict why and when additional resources will be needed so you can plan ahead.

IT Systems


Reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions by flagging and taking actions on transactions that appear outside the "norm."

Financial Service; Healthcare
Providers & Payers


Reduce the risk of project delays or downtime by assessing when equipment is likely to fail and automatically schedule maintenance.

Transportation; Oil & Gas;
Manufacturing; Construction

Hear what our partners have to say

Knowi trounced other business intelligence tools

My team tested various data visualization tools like PowerBI, Domo, Sisense, Knowi and Knowi emerged as the top choice for its speed in creating useful dashboards and ease of use for non-technical users. While we selected Knowi as a viz tool, I'm also happy we did so from a data engineering perspective. Knowi's architecture models data thoughtfully, which I'd credit for enabling a collection of elegant features.

Phil Bryant
Phil Bryant
Vice President, Business Intelligence,
MacroFab, Inc
five stars

We were drawn to Knowi for its capability to process data from various APIs and Elastic Search.

The integration of Knowi's data services into our data platform marked a significant leap in our data management capabilities. Today, 90% of transactions leverage Knowi as a data service platform, rather than just for visualization. This evolution underscores the versatility and robustness of Knowi's offerings.

Maksim Pavlishin
Maksim Pavlishin
Head of Engineering,
five stars

Knowi is an exceptional BI platform, especially for startups

It perfectly balances flexibility and ease of use, backed by a supportive and responsive team. At Hometime, Knowi has become an indispensable part of our BI platform, seamlessly fitting our needs and exceeding our expectations.

Gonzalo Perez Fariña
Gonzalo Perez Fariña
Business Intelligence Lead,
five stars

As a non-technical founder, having a tool like Knowi is a game-changer

and Knowi's support team's willingness to answer our questions and engage in the community Slack channel is an incredible asset.
...keep up the great work - we love using your product and your team is a delight to work with.

Lillian Rafson
Lillian Rafson
Founder & CEO,
Pack Up + Go
five stars
Phil B.
Vice President, Business Intelligence
Maksim P.
Head of Engineering
Gonzalo F.
Business Intelligence Lead
Lillian R.
Founder & CEO

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