Search-Based Analytics

Ask questions in plain English and get back data

Ask questions in Slack

Knowi’s search-based analytics integrates with Slack so your team can get answers right away just by typing “/knowi”.  

Ask questions on a dashboard

You can ask questions directly in your Knowi dashboard and get back actionable data and visualizations right away.


Embed search-based analytics for your customers

Knowi can be fully embedded into your app or website for your team or customers to use. You can even white-label the platform and add your branding instead of ours. Put the power of search-based analytics in the hands of your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about search-based analytics on Knowi

Search-based analytics provides an interactive environment where business users can ask data-related questions and get back rapid, accurate, and actionable results.

Search-based analytics tools use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to parse the user's query into something the analytics engine can understand and return back a result in real time.

A lot of business users have some data literacy but not the deep syntax knowledge required to analyze data themselves. With search-based analytics, your team (or customers if you embed) can explore the data by entering questions and getting back actionable data. This will eliminate the need to go to the data science team every time someone wants to explore the business metrics or statistics. 

In short, yes. And if you are employing a complex use case we recommend it. This usually involves working with the Knowi team of solution engineers to build out custom associations and synonyms for the natural language processing engine that powers your search-based analytics. 

Yes, the Knowi platform features full embedding with either iframes or javascript. It also features white-labeling so you can replace all Knowi branding with your own. With this option, you can let your clients enter queries in plain English and get back actionable data in real time.

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