Knowi is a next generation analytics platform that seamlessly combines data across NoSQL, SQL, APIs and other sources.

Try our live demo below: Combine MongoDB data with MySQL

In the example below, two queries are executed against MongoDB and MySQL, the results of which are joined using a customer key. Sign in to explore joins against other NoSQL, SQL and other types of databases.

Multi-Database Joins

Knowi provides an innovative Data Services layer that can federate queries natively to underlying NoSQL and SQL databases to power analytics acorss disparate sources withoout traditional ETL processes. If that's not awesome enough, Knowi comes with Natural Language processing for self-serve business users, along with and integrated machine learning for advanced use cases on top of that joined data.

Join NoSQL, Relational Data Sources, Data Warehouses, APIs, Files...

Join multiple NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Elastic, RDBMS and APIs on the fly, eliminating costly ETL processes.

Data Services Layer

Federate Queries against multiple sources realtime, or with the option to store and incrementally update the results asynchronously. Make reusable components that be used for visualizations, alerts and machine learning.

Self-Service BI with Natural Language Capabilities

Use the power of Google search like Natural Language capabilities on top of MongoDB Atlas to enable business users to perform ad-hoc analysis and customize their dashboards.

Embeddable Analytics

With just a few clicks, you can securely embed dashboards directly into your data applications your business teams are already using. Share dashboards or email PDF reports to extend analytics reporting to offline users enterprise-wide.

Machine Learning

With our machine learning workbench, you can integrate machine learning directly into your disparate datasets to create training datasets, create models, incorporate into existing query workflow and automatically trigger actions based on resulting calculations. You can integrate your custom algorithms or tap into our library of open source algorithms.

Trigger Actions and Alerts

Automate actions or notifications based on the results of your datasets. Easily send notifications with data attached or invoke a webhook to initiate a process in a downstream application.


  • Cloud or On-premise Deployments
  • Native NoSQL integrations without drivers or ODBC
  • Join and blend data across various NoSQL and SQL based datasources
  • Schema Discovery & Query Generation
  • Direct query execution into your database to drive visualizations, or, store and track seamlessly using our scalable, schema-less, flexible storage
  • Share and embed visualizations to internal groups or via a simple URL
  • Works on any device
  • Choose from nearly 30 different visualization options
  • Interactive filters
  • Drilldowns
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Prediction algorithms that auto-selects the best prediction models and forecast for any dataset
  • Plug-in architecture for custom logic & custom prediction algorithms
  • Incremental data pulls and warehouse updates
  • Push API to send real-time data
  • Data Export API
  • Single Sign-On API for embedding inside your portal


Knowi is trusted by some of the worlds largest companies with complex security and governance needs, across Petabytes of raw data.

We also pride ourselves in our world-class success, to become a data partner that our customers can rely on at all times to become a key pillar in realizing their strategic data initiatives.

Start a chat with us today and let us show you how we can transform your data initiatives.

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