Explore our Knowi-powered interactive demo to see just how easy it is to visualize your DataStax Astra data with Knowi


Our native integration enables you to explore, visualize, analyze and track your Cassandra data seamlessly.

Connect to our live Cassandra cluster to query and build dashboards instantly above to see how it works.


Say goodbye to cumbersome ETL processes to query, aggregate and store into a relational store for BI purposes.

Knowi makes it simple to add the visualization layer to your DataStax Astra instance. As soon as you're spun up you can begin building dashboards and visualizations.

MongoDB Visualization


Knowi supports Joins across multiple Cassandra tables and databases.

Knowi natively connects with DataStax Astra along with countless other datasources. With Knowi, you can do cross-database joins. So even if you use Astra for some applications and Elasticsearch for others, you can still blend your data and do analytics on the unified data set.

NoSQL, Relational, Cloud...


We are a certified DataStax Business Intelligence partner.

With Knowi on top of DataStax Astra, you can start asking questions of your data just like you would put questions into Google. So even if your users don't know CQL, they can still get the answers they need.

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  • Plugin Cassandra CQL Queries
  • Join and blend data across various NoSQL and SQL based datasources
  • Schema & field discovery (with primary partition and clustering key and secondary index key detection)
  • CQL Query Generation
  • Direct query execution into your database to drive visualizations, or, store and track seamlessly using our scalable, schema-less, flexible cloud warehouse
  • Support for aggregations, date windowing, data preparation, pipelining, predictions and range of other capabilities
  • Multiple Deployment and connectivity modes: Cloud with nothing to install, on-premise and an hybrid mode using an agent
  • Share and embed dashboards to internal groups or via a simple URL
  • Works on any device
  • Interactive filters
  • Drilldowns
  • Live, auto updating charts/widgets
  • Export data in various formats
  • Email Dashboard PDFs and CSV data
  • Run queries on a schedule or real-time
  • Prediction algorithms that auto-selects the best prediction models and forecast for any dataset
  • Plug-in architecture for custom logic & custom prediction algorithms
  • Incremental data pulls and warehouse updates
  • Push API to send real-time data
  • Data Export API
  • Single Sign-On API for embedding inside your portal
  • Roll ups and aggregations
  • Cloning and transformations
  • Choose from nearly 30 different visualization options

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