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Knowi is a full stack platform that offers seamless integration across all data sources and empowers users with AI and search based analytics.

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Simplify analytics for your whole team

Seamless Data Integration from Any Source

Join across sources both from unstructured and structured sources including NoSQL databases, without requiring the data to be centralized.

Use the power of NLP for decision making

Ask questions in Slack or Teams or within Knowi in plain English and get immediate results as well as share and collaborate in a data driven way like never before.

One place for your data, visualization and analytics

Skip those ETL hassles and effortlessly integrate different sources to visualize, analyze, share, and collaborate across your entire company.

Get to market faster with Embedded Analytics

Reduce your time to market by skipping the moving and transforming data part of your project and just move directly to building the data visualizations to embed.

Security & Governance

Security & Governance

Knowi combines role-based and row-level security, tailored to user permissions, ensuring comprehensive, flexible data protection.

Flexible Deployment Options

Flexible Deployment Options

Opt for an on-premise setup, using native configurations, Docker, or Kubernetes, to keep your data within your own infrastructure or leverage our expertly managed cloud service for ease and efficiency.

Built for scale

Built for scale

Knowi is engineered to effortlessly handle extensive data volumes. Many of our clients trust us with their petabyte-scale raw data to unlock their potential.

Unlocking insights for everyone

Sales & Marketing

Knowi provides teams a unified platform, delivering a comprehensive view across all sales and marketing data silos. With real-time alerts, customizable dashboards, and search-based analytics in plain English, effortlessly streamline your insights. Sales & Marketing


Knowi goes beyond a conventional BI tool - it's a transformative force for data engineers. Revolutionize your strategy by creating Data-as-a-Service components that span across all your datasources, uniting your team under one platform. Engineering

Customer Success

Knowi specializes in empowering customer success teams by offering tailor-made strategies through a comprehensive, unified platform. This integration simplifies the process of identifying at-risk customers, optimizing engagement, and unlocking growth opportunities, all within a single, user-friendly interface. Customer Success

Sales & Marketing Engineering Customer Success

Hear what our partners have to say

Knowi trounced other business intelligence tools

My team tested various data visualization tools like PowerBI, Domo, Sisense, Knowi and Knowi emerged as the top choice for its speed in creating useful dashboards and ease of use for non-technical users. While we selected Knowi as a viz tool, I'm also happy we did so from a data engineering perspective. Knowi's architecture models data thoughtfully, which I'd credit for enabling a collection of elegant features.

Phil Bryant
Phil Bryant
Vice President, Business Intelligence,
MacroFab, Inc
five stars

We were drawn to Knowi for its capability to process data from various APIs and Elastic Search.

The integration of Knowi's data services into our data platform marked a significant leap in our data management capabilities. Today, 90% of transactions leverage Knowi as a data service platform, rather than just for visualization. This evolution underscores the versatility and robustness of Knowi's offerings.

Maksim Pavlishin
Maksim Pavlishin
Head of Engineering,
five stars

Knowi is an exceptional BI platform, especially for startups

It perfectly balances flexibility and ease of use, backed by a supportive and responsive team. At Hometime, Knowi has become an indispensable part of our BI platform, seamlessly fitting our needs and exceeding our expectations.

Gonzalo Perez Fariña
Gonzalo Perez Fariña
Business Intelligence Lead,
five stars

As a non-technical founder, having a tool like Knowi is a game-changer

and Knowi's support team's willingness to answer our questions and engage in the community Slack channel is an incredible asset.
...keep up the great work - we love using your product and your team is a delight to work with.

Lillian Rafson
Lillian Rafson
Founder & CEO,
Pack Up + Go
five stars
Phil B.
Vice President, Business Intelligence
Maksim P.
Head of Engineering
Gonzalo F.
Business Intelligence Lead
Lillian R.
Founder & CEO
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