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1.2 Billion NYC Taxicab Ride Analysis from 2009 to 2016

Knowi's ability to handle our large volumes of data and let everyone here at Boku to quickly access and share information was critical to becoming a data-driven organization. By using Knowi to leverage our data company-wide, we were able to accelerate a number of strategic goals with our partners.

Knowi has proved invaluable in our quest for seamless and performant data manipulation and visualization. The platform is top notch and incredibly easy to use; couple that with the incredibly experienced and attentive staff and you have a recipe for success, and all in record time.

Knowi provides unprecedented real-time insights into our users' activity in an intuitive, innovative and slick way. Visual analytics of our custom metrics have improved how we strategize core product development and helped our customers launch more effective marketing campaigns. I'm loving it!

Our business always requires reports from structured and unstructured data. Knowi was the only platform that was able to replace our complex ETL layer and go from data to visual insights very quickly. I am very pleased with the capabilities of their platform. Above all, they are amazing to work with - They don't miss a beat even at 3 AM!

The Net2Television system collects data from three different sources. With Knowi we are able to combine these disparate data collections into one easy-to-visualize set of graphs that shows how our viewers are watching and interacting with our content."

  • Mike Cahill, CTO, Boku

    Mike Cahill, CTO

  • Lorraine Williams, Sr BI Product Manager, Lexmark

    Lorraine Williams
    Sr. Product Manager - BI, Lexmark

  • Daniel Dreymann, CEO, Mowingo

    Daniel Dreymann, CEO

  • Shree Desikan, CEO, HashSec

    Shree Desikan, CEO

  • Spencer Shanson, CTO Net2Television

    Spencer Shanson, CTO


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