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Natural Language BI

Ask Questions in Plain English and Get Answers Instantly

An Entirely New Self Service BI Experience for Business Users

Most traditional BI tools require technical knowledge to use so non-technical business users find themselves dependant on others to answer even basic questions. With Knowi self-service BI, your business users are unleashed to get the insights they need exactly when they need them.

NLP analytics for everyone

Analytics for Everyone

Our self-service analytics uses the power of natural language processing and AI driven analytics to deliver a more natural search based BI experience. You don't need to understand how the underlying dataset is constructed. Just type your question in plain English and get answers instantly.

NLP data visualizations

Instant Data Visualizations

You don't have the time to waste creating reports and dashboards. Knowi self-service reporting instantly presents the best option to visualize your query results. If you are looking for something different, you have the freedom to customize the data visualization any way you like.

API Robot

Put Self-Service Analytics Everywhere

Use our API to enable anyone to use our natural language BI directly in the applications they are familiar with using. Put search driven analytics at everyone's fingertips so they can get the insights they need to make informed decisions in real-time.

Take Our Natural Language BI for a Test Drive

Try these natural language queries:

  • Show me count of Chinese by Borough with Grade A
  • Show me French restaurants in Queens
  • Show me count of restaurants by Cuisine and Borough
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Travel the 'Last Mile' to Data-Driven Decisions

Organizations who successfully transformed to data-driven give a diverse team of experts, open access to analytics. Anyone from data engineers and data scientist to non-technical business users can access insights quickly and easily. Historically, there have been barriers to enabling non-technical users with analytics. They tend to be overlooked as analytics experts because they lack technical skills (and patience) to use traditional BI tools. However, they possess something critical to transitioning to data-driven and that is domain knowledge. They know the questions to ask that will transform how your business operates. Self-service business intelligence combines AI analytics and NLP to remove the barriers to accessing analytics which significantly increases the potential of your data. We take your success seriously. Knowi provides the end-to-end analytics capabilities you need to transition your organization to data-driven quickly and effortlessly.

NLP Time to insights

Faster Time to Insights

Data engineers build and deploy analytics in no time across one or multiple sources. They can make changes in minutes not weeks so your data scientists and analysts can test theories and make adjustments quickly. When ready, get analytics in the hands of everyone, day one. Let users interact with analytics how and where they want.

NLP adhoc analytics

Powerful Ad-Hoc Analytics

Start with a simple question and then dive deeper. Allow users to move between asking questions in plain English to slicing and dicing data any way they like. Either way, they can create new data visualizations on the fly and build customized dashboards and reports.

NLP Big data scale

Big Data Scale

Whether your data is big or small, structured or unstructured, we can handle it. Query terabytes of data and get answers in seconds. With Knowi, no data moves into our platform for processing. We leverage the processing power of your databases. Where it makes sense, you can enable an optional on the fly virtual data warehouse to power end-user queries and data visualizations.

NLP data security

Data Governance and Security

Analytics users must be able to trust the results. With Knowi, we eliminate the need to replicate or move data which significantly increases data fidelity throughout your workflows by removing the guesswork over what version of what data to use. Data owners define access permissions so data is automatically filtered and people only see the data they care about and are authorized to view.

Knowi's ability to handle our large volumes of data and let everyone here at Boku to quickly accessand share information was critical to becoming a data-driven organization. By using Knowi toleverage our data company-wide,we were able to accelerate a number of strategic goals with our partners.

Knowi helped the company in a number of ways to be able to quickly access critical business information. Whether it's for internal purposes or the partners, having very easy to use and quick access to the business data is great.

Datakwip provides an enterprise, cloud-based, machine learning facility analytics platform collecting streaming data for facilities across the globe. Knowi is a great partner for us. The Knowi platform enables us to build and deliver the advanced IoT analytics data products our clients need, quickly. On top of that, the Knowi support team is excellent. They are always there to help us when we need it.

Knowi provided the user experience and technical capabilities we were looking for but could not find in other analytics solutions.

The Knowi team has been prompt in providing support and a clear guidance when we needed it. I highly recommend Knowi to fellow companies.

  • Mike Cahill, CTO, Boku

    Mike Cahill, CTO

  • Simon Williams, CTO, Lemonaid Health

    Simon Williams, CTO
    Lemonaid Health

  • Cory Perdue, President/CEO, Datakwip

    Cory Perdue, President/CEO

  • Kevin Henderson, Senior Principal, Sagence

    Kevin Henderson, Senior Principal

  • Hadar Shezifi, CO-founder, MKT MediaStats LLC

    Hadar Shezifi, Co-founder
    MKT MediaStats

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