The modern data stack is a failure.
Too many tools, processes and people in between
Not Agile
Exploding Costs

The typical modern data stack consists of data transportation tools, data warehouses, transformation tools, BI tools, Data Catalogs, Governance tools, ML tools etc.

Costs for businesses have sky-rocketed due to the need for multiple tools, consumption-based models, and personnel to manage and maintain each. Frustrations are abundant within businesses in how long it takes to get insights, the overall cost, and complexity, not to mention the ability to create customer facing embeddable data driven products.

Knowi provides a unique Dataset-as-a-Service layer with a trusted, reusable set of data models across the Business.

Without requiring data to be unified; Without requiring it to be structured; Without moving and shipping the raw data; Without ingestion tools, transformation tools, catalog tools and Data Ops tools in between.

Combine a killer Data layer with best in class BI and embed capabilies, ability to ask questions in plain english, alerts, Machine Learning and other features, Knowi provides the fastest, most flexible way to get your insights and drive action from the data today.

Save 5-10X the time and 5X overall cost savings? Now isn't that something you should take a deeper look into?


Knowi provides a unique Dataset-as-a-Service layer that provides a trusted, reusable set of data models across the Business.

Join Across Sources

Knowi allows you to join across sources, both from unstructured and structured sources on the fly, without requiring the data to be centralized.

Best in class BI capabilities

Dashboards, 40 different visualization types, drilldowns, filters, ad-hoc analytics you name it, we got it.

Native NoSQL, SQL & API Support

Knowi is the only analytics platform that can talk to NoSQL databases natively without having to relationize the data.

Seamless, Reusable Data Models

With Knowi, you can build clean data models that abstract all the complexity from the underlying data. Datasets are reusable, trusted across the business and can be leveraged to build dependent datasets.

Security, Governance & Catalog

Security, Governance, role based security, row level security, SSO, are all built right in. Knowi is also SOC2, Type II compliant.

Ask Questions in Plain English

Business users can ask questions on their data in plain English and get results back across their datasets from within Knowi, or from applications like Slack and MS Teams or your own app.


Best in class OEM/whitelabelling capabilities.

On-premise or Cloud

Knowi can used on be deployed on-premise (natively, or via Docker or Kubernetes) or using our managed service.


You can create simple Threshold alerts, machine learning based anaomaly detection or craft your own custom alert logic to drive alerts and action.

Machine Learning

You can create Regression, Classification and Anomaly detection type problems into Knowi.

Built for Modern Data Use Cases

Modern data is characterized by high volume, high velocity, high variety data, that Knowi

Data Engineering Layer like No Other

Knowi helped the company in a number of ways to be able to quickly access critical business information. Whether it's for internal purposes of the partners, having a very easy to use and quick access to the business data is great.

Simon Williams, CTO at Lemonaid Health

No need to Move Raw Data Around

With Knowi, You do not need to ship the raw data around, store into a separate warehouse or transform it. It connects to your NoSQL, SQL, API and other sources directly, without the need for data transporters and data transformers in between

Native Analytics

All our datasource implementations are native. That means if you have a NoSQL database in your stack, there's no need to view it through a relational lens. Knowi can interact with it natively.

Multi-Source Joins

Allows you to join across sources and combine results on the fly.

Built for Scale

Many of our customers have petabyte scale raw data that Knowi works with.


You can transform the data in powerful ways across each step of the join, or on the overall joined result.

Reusable Data Models

The dataset is a trusted, reusable model that business users can use immediately.

Powerful Data Modes & Strategies

Each dataset can be Direct (goes directly into your underlying sources) or stored, with incremental update capabilities. If you choose to store it, you can use Knowi's underlying store the resulting dataset. You can also send it to your own data warehouse.

Security & Governance

Datasets have security and goevrnance built in, with role based security and row level security based on user permissions

API enabled

Every dataset is API enabled so that any of your downstream systems can use it directly.

Best in class BI capabilities, with dashboards, 40 visualization types + custom visualizations, filters, drilldowns, ad hoc slice & dice analysis. You can even create your own customized visualizations with your own look and feel.

Speed up time to market and monetize your data with reliable full-featured embedded business intelligence engine for a fraction of the cost than building and maintaining your own.

Radically different way for ad-hoc analysis that's a game changer for non-technical users. Ask questions in plain English across all your data and get results back. In Knowi, Slack or MS Teams. you can also embed the search bar in your own application.

Flexible Deployment Options

You can use Knowi's managed service with nothing to install, or use on-premise bundle (native, Docker or Kubernetes)

A True Partnership

Our customers are our partners. We work closely with our customers and you'll get unparalleled support and an extension to your team

Trusted By the World's Largest Companies

You are in good company. Knowi is used by many of the world's largest companies for their most trusted and critical workloads.

Trusted by the world's best

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