The Knowi platform allows you to derive insights from your ElasticSearch clusters and blend data from other NoSQL and SQL data sources on the fly.

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Elasticsearch Reporting

One of the challenges most companies face when using Elasticsearch for business intelligence is Elasticsearch manages data in JSON documents and has no support for SQL. This means traditional BI tools like Tableau and Looker don't work with Elasticsearch without a lot of help. That help comes from development teams and massive engineering efforts to move Elasticsearch data into a relational database. It's time that changed!

Welcome to Knowi. Knowi is a leading provider of native analytics on Elasticsearch.

Accelerate Time to Insights

Knowi shaves weeks of time off your Elasticsearch data analytics projects by eliminating the need for ETL or custom coding to move your Elastic data.

Natural Language Queries

Your business teams will love they can get answers from their Elastic data, instantly, with natural language self-service analytics.

Embed Elasticsearch dashboards

Create new data products by embedding Elasticsearch dashboards directly into your applications and open up new revenue opportunities

Knowi is Your Kibana Alternative for Business Intelligence

Kibana is a good solution for more technical users where a single Elasticsearch index is the only source of data for visualizations.

How often does that happen these days? If you're a typical company, you have a diverse data stack that includes Elasticsearch and probably a good handful of other database technologies. If this describes you're data stack, the Knowi is a better option for analytics instead of Kibana.

Unlike with Kibana dashboards, with Knowi you can visualize data across multiple indexes. You can dynamically blend data from other sources, like relational data stores or REST-API. You can accelerate your Elasticsearch analytics projects by avoiding custom development.

Knowi Kibana
Native Integration to Elasticsearch
Supports AWS Elasticsearch
Number of Supported Visualizations 30+ 17
Integrated Machine Learning
Share and Embedd Dashboards
Blend Across Indexes
Blend with Other NoSQL or Relational Data
Natural Language Queries
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