Link your data to this proof of concept sandbox and become a data-driven company overnight

  • Connect to structured data or unstructured data
  • Capable of handling noSQL data natively
  • Join tables from multiple sources
  • Easy big data analytics
  • Work with disparate data sets
  • Build and share executive dashboards
  • No need to ETL your data to a data warehouse
MongoDB Connect

Connect to the datasources you already use

Knowi connects to a plethora of data sources, including: MongoDB, Datastax, Couchbase, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and many more. Don't see your data source? Let us know. We are always adding more and may already be in the process of connecting yours.

Data sources Connect
Mike Cahill, CTO

"Knowi's ability to handle our large volumes of data and let everyone here at Boku quickly access and share information was critical to becoming a data-driven organization. By using Knowi to leverage our data company-wide, we were able to accelerate a number of strategic goals with our partners."

Impress your stakeholders with executive dashboards that give them all the info at a glance

The leadership team needs to know the health of the company at all times. A Knowi data dashboard can give you all the vitals you need to see what's happening across your business. Your departments can continue to use the best-in-breed software for their application and you will still be able to pull all of the data so your executive team can monitor the crucial metrics.

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Hoda Mehr, Co-Founder and CEO

"I love the product. The ease of creating reports directly from compose and MongoDB without needing to get engineers involved is fantastic. Thank you!"

Be the change maker at your company

Data-driven companies win. It's a competitive advantage so powerful that anyone not leveraging their data for business insights is falling behind.
With Knowi you can analyze and visualize complex data sets with easy-to-understand decision dashboards.
Shouldn't your team have all the information when making crucial business decisions?
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