Hometime's Journey to Enhanced Data Intelligence with Knowi

"Knowi helped save significant hours across teams. One of the areas being manual report work. With Knowi we have been able to save atleast 4 hours each week previously spent on just manual report making."


Hometime, a leading Australian Prop-tech company, is redefining the short-term accommodation sector. With its unique management platform that synergizes the industry’s top talent with world-class technology, Hometime ensures an ultra-local, highly personalized five-star experience for both homeowners and guests. Having generated over $100M+ in bookings, Hometime is swiftly rising as Australia’s most trusted brand in the short-term rental space. At the heart of its operations is a sophisticated tech platform, integral to driving operational efficiency and business growth. 


With its current BI tool phased out, Hometime was urgently looking for a BI solution that had the capability of integrating simultaneously across multiple data sources including cloud-based services like Google Sheets. These data sources were critical to Hometime’s data management system. Hometime was also looking to add on features like query reuse for consistent metrics, diverse visualization options, user-friendliness for non-technical staff, PDF export of dashboards, and regular email report capabilities.

"Knowi is an exceptional BI platform, especially for startups. It perfectly balances flexibility and ease of use, backed by a supportive and responsive team. At Hometime, Knowi has become an indispensable part of our BI platform, seamlessly fitting our needs and exceeding our expectations."
- Gonzalo Perez Fariña, Business Intelligence Lead, Hometime


After a two-week trial, Knowi emerged as the clear choice among three BI tools being evaluated. Knowi’s ability to connect natively with multiple data sources was a key differentiator. Additionally, it was meeting all of Hometime’s requirements and more. The transition to Knowi involved migrating critical dashboards to maintain business continuity. Knowi’s flexibility, particularly in features like custom HTML widgets and Slack or webhook data updates, proved invaluable. 

"With Knowi, CREATIVITY IS THE LIMIT! We integrated Knowi with Zapier - which is just GOLD!”


Implementing Knowi led to a significant expansion in Hometime’s dashboard capabilities without increasing their team size. Hometime was able to setup 140+ dashboards and 60+ alerts that were sent out to their partners directly without involving any manual work. The ease of developing datasets and their reusability across multiple charts boosted the team’s capacity. Hometime acknowledges significant hours saved weekly across various teams, previously spent on manual work.

Hometime found Knowi to be an excellent tool for developing no-code solutions. Reports and alerts sent via webhooks have enabled them to automate actions based on data events or values. The ability to develop using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript has further enhanced their operational efficiency.