Data insights your team will actually use

ELEVATE pushes data-driven insights directly to your team prompting them to take action.

Dashboards don’t work if nobody looks at them

In the past, business intelligence tools and collaboration tools were two different things that didn’t talk to each other. That meant that even though your whole team worked in Slack, all of their data, analytics, sales information, customer data, and everything else was siloed away elsewhere. ELEVATE changes that.

Business Intelligence Platform - Knowi ELEVATE

ELEVATE brings the data to you

ELEVATE creates an internal ecosystem of information that can be queried from right in Slack or MS Teams. 

ELEVATE also allows you to create regular schedules for data alerts and charts to be sent to key channels to keep everyone looking at the same metrics.

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Knowi ELEVATE - Business Intelligence Platform

ELEVATE pulls everything together

ELEVATE easily pulls in data from all of the tools you already use. With Elevate, you can choose to use the best-in-breed software and still create a comprehensive picture of what’s happening in your company.

ELEVATE is the missing piece for making your team data driven

Haphazard attempts to make teams data driven can put people into information overload. No one wants to hunt through 10 different dashboards and then scroll through their 20+ charts. More data isn’t better data. That’s why ELEVATE focuses on getting the right data into the hands of your team so that they can get on with the work that matters.

See how in this quick video walkthrough of ELEVATE.

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Ready to have your team finally use all those analytics?

We are currently only offering ELEVATE to a select group of early adopters. If you would like to join, apply here.