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Chartio Migration

Chartio Migration

If you are one of the 280,000 Chartio users worldwide, you’re probably busy exploring new BI tools for when Chartio goes offline for good next March. To help save you some time, look no further than Knowi — a unified analytics platform purpose-built for modern data stacks. Knowi has all of Charito’s best features, along with innovative features unique to the platform.

In this Blog we will explain Knowi’s unique architecture, give a demo of the platform, and introduce some migration options available. If you’re more of a visual learner Jay and David will explain it all in this Youtube video.

Knowi’s Architecture

Knowi’s architecture is unique among BI tools as it’s built from the ground up on Data Virtualization — a technology that allows us to natively connect into any data source and run analytics on that data in real-time. This eliminates the need for cumbersome, expensive, and time consuming ETL processes to prep your data before you can do meaningful analytics on it. With Knowi, your data stays at the source, while Knowi serves as a data fabric on top of it. Knowi is also data source agnostic, allowing you to integrate natively across a wide range of data sources, including SQL and NoSQL databases, data warehouses, flat files, and Rest-API’s. You can also seamlessly join data across multiple data sources to create brand new datasets that are cached and stored in Knowi’s ElasticStore data warehouse. 

In practice, once you’ve connected to your datasources, you can create queries on top of your data and save the resulting dataset in Knowi’s EleasticStore to be used for downstream analytics. From there, you can create multiple visualizations from your data and add them to dashboards, create actionable insights with trigger alerts and scheduled reports, perform Search-based analytics by asking your data questions in plain English, and even create Machine Learning models from your data such as Regression, Classification, and Anomaly Detection. In addition, you can integrate Knowi with Slack and Microsoft Teams to access your Knowi data from them, as well as embed your dashboards and visualizations into your webpages and applications. 

Knowi isn’t just another visualization tool, it’s an end-to-end Data-as-a-service platform that takes your raw data into data-driven insights, while eliminating the middleman.


Here is a demonstration of Knowi in action. Our CEO Jay will cover the following topics:

  • Datasource connections and Data Engineering
  • Queries: Generating/writing queries, post query transformations/pipelines, parameterized queries
  • In database joins + Multi-source Joins
  • Creating Visualizations & Dashboards
  • PDF Exports, Alerts, Anomaly Detection
  • Embed/Whitelabel
  • Slack/Teams Integrations: Natural Language Processing/Ask Questions  

Here is also a handy cheat sheet demonstrating many features of Knowi.

Migration Options

e know migrations can be messy and time consuming, but at Knowi we are here to help make the transition as seamless as possible. We have a few options to help you get started migrating over to Knowi. The first option is to partner with one of our Solutions Engineers to migrate some of your dashboards over and provide personalized guidance via loom videos or zoom. For this option you will have to give our team members access to your Chartio account and underlying data source(s). We have done this for a number of former Chartio customers who’ve made the transition to Knowi, and all have been pleased with the result. Another option is to hire a third party consultant that we can refer you to. Typically, they can migrate as many dashboards as you want, though pricing may be a challenge. Another option is to work with our partners over at Hotswap. Hotswap is a third party application in the migration space who have developed a browser extension that can migrate at least 80% of your Chartio dashboard to Knowi and charge a flat rate per dashboard. Check them out here.

There are plenty of BI tools on the market that can mimic the capabilities of Chartio, but why just find a replacement when you can upgrade your entire data infrastructure with Knowi. It’s never easy integrating and learning new software but our support team at Knowi is committed to making your onboarding and training as painless as possible. We are always here to help. Sign up for a trial account at to get started. If you have any questions you can post them on our community site or email us at

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