Blog How Lemonaid Health Monitors Performance with Knowi

How Lemonaid Health Monitors Performance with Knowi

Lemonaid Health
Lemonaid Health Review of Knowi

Our friends at Lemonaid Health use Knowi to manage their day-to-day operations and deliver business performance reporting across their teams and provider partners. Here is a little summary of their story.  

If you are not familiar with Lemonaid Health, they are an innovator in telehealth services. As of April 2017, their team of doctors treat things like sinus infections, UTIs, acne, acid reflux or write prescriptions for birth control pills.   Their mission is to make it easy to access affordable, high-quality healthcare.


As new health services or new States roll out, understanding service performance in near real-time is critical for Lemonaid Health. They had two challenges: 1) ensuring people had the latest information and 2) heavy reliance on the engineering team to create and run SQL queries and then transcribe the results to Excel spreadsheets. 

“We fall under HIPAA so a cloud-based solution had to have the levels of security we need to be sure our patient data was protected,” says Simon Williams, Chief Technology Officer at Lemonaid Health.

Lemonaid began with using a combination of Excel and native SQL queries but found this did not provide the near real-time performance reporting they wanted and was too taxing on engineering resources who had other priorities. 


Lemonaid selected Knowi “because it was cloud-based and the fact the data would stay on premise.” says Williams.  Using hybrid deployment of Knowi enabled a cloud implementation of Knowi connected to on-premise instances of MySQL and MongoDB. Lemonaid’s commercial partners access Knowi directly, but filters limit their view to only their data.  Within the dashboards, their partners have full capabilities to run ad-hoc queries, change filters or visualization types and save them as custom reports. In addition to direct access for near real-time reporting, Lemonaid extensively uses Knowi’s sharing capabilities to send out PDF reports to offline users, ensuring everyone, company-wide, as access to up to the moment performance data.  This flexibility in data delivery methods was essential in transitioning the organization to be data-driven.


The initial goal was of creating a company-wide unified view of all business performance data was quickly achieved.  “To be able to put up some real-time dashboards that showed what was going on at any point in time was key business information,” says Simon Williams.   “… [It] helped create a great buzz in the office as we displayed it on a large screen and could see counters going up as we served new patients.” 

Once the engineering team built some foundational queries, “it was then easy for the business users to go in and look at the data however they wanted by State, service, doctor, day.”  The Lemonaid engineering team did not have to dedicate any additional time to generating reports or views. Business users were taught to fish for the data themselves with Knowi.

Lemonaid quickly recognized the tremendous value of the data they collected for their partners, and they used Knowi to build and deliver a new class of data products for their commercial partners. Their partners now have near real-time data about how they are servicing their patients, demographics information about those patients and patient and service volume by State. 

To read or download Lemonaid’s full story, head over to our resources page here

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