Infosys Announces Public Health Data Science Platform Built on Knowi

Infosys Public Services, a US-based subsidiary of Infosys (NYSE: INFY), is a well-known name in digital services and consulting. Today they announced their new platform, the Infosys Health Insights Platform (IHIP). IHIP is an automated data science platform made for public health agencies. The goal for the platform is to help agencies scale their analytics capabilities and turn massive amounts of data into valuable insights and actionable recommendations. IHIP was developed in collaboration and partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Couchbase, and Knowi and is driven by technology from these three partners. The IHIP platform is part of Infosys Cobalt’s growing portfolio of cloud software assets.

COVID-19 has shown us the need for crucial data analytics capabilities and tools for government agencies. It has also exposed the various issues with the tools available to public health agencies around the world. IHIP will help agencies quickly build next-generation analytics and data science capabilities to turn their data into actions.

We will leverage the Infosys Cobalt community and its vast data management, analytics, and artificial intelligence capabilities to help federal, state, and local officials discover data-driven insights to guide public health decisions that are tailored to their constituents’ needs.

Eric Paternoster, President, and CEO at Infosys Public Services

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