Knowi CEO Presents at Couchbase Connect 2020

Business Intelligence Success With Couchbase 6.6 and Knowi

With the release of Couchbase Server 6.6, queries can now interact with external datasets like data lakes stored in AWS S3 buckets. This adds the ability for Couchbase users to do analytics on their curated Couchbase datasets as well as quick exploratory analytics on data stored in S3. By adding Knowi as an additional layer onto Couchbase Server 6.6, you can easily visualize the Couchbase and S3 data and do search-based analytics with natural language queries – turning data into easily digestible insights.

In this talk, Knowi’s CEO Jay Gopalakrishnan does a live demo and tutorial on how Couchbase Server 6.6 and Knowi work together through Knowi’s native Couchbase integration to provide a next-generation solution for data engineering and business intelligence.

Watch the replay video here.