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Come As You Are (aka no ETL required)

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What is data nirvana for a typical MongoDB user? For some that might be the ability to blend data from any MongoDB source on the fly for onward predictive modeling, whereas for others it’s just wanting to easily embed and syndicate data so that downstream business users have instant value at their fingertips. Couple this with nifty natural language and machine learning capabilities and we just may have stumbled upon the answer to everyone’s dreams and one that supersedes the ETL relic of old.

So, what is this nirvana we speak of and, more importantly, how do we get there?

Well, buried amongst the traditional BI behemoths is a shining star that is blazing a trail within the 3rd generation analytics tool genre. Knowi is an Augmented Analytics platform that will allow you to instantly connect your MongoDB data, from anywhere, and of any size, therefore allowing anyone to make data-driven decisions without the need to understand the underlying data structures and relationships. Imagine that! Empowering the end user to simply enter their questions in English and having the data and visualizations returned immediately via the natural language capabilities.

Now, at this point, the data warriors amongst you might be leaning back in your chairs and saying that this is simply not possible. However, you, more than anyone understand the issues that surround using traditional ETL processes to leverage the power of your data in MongoDB. Processes that not only suck the life out of a project timeline but also the department budget. 

Knowi, totally simplifies the whole end-to-end process by providing native analytics on top of all of your data sources with no ETL whatsoever, therefore accelerating time to market and reducing overall project cost.

The Knowi platform has a our groundbreaking Data as a Service Engine at its core, layered on top of which are our visualizations and customizable dashboards, natural language querying, workflow enablement via asynchronous alerting and a myriad of platform embedding options for the hardcore system integrators amongst you. All of this  make Knowi a force to be reckoned within the modern Analytics space.

Learn More: Check out our Knowi powered interactive Sand Box using MongoDB. Click this link to try it out

Written by Lorraine Williams

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