Blog 5 Smart Takeaways from Our Webinar with Skratch

5 Smart Takeaways from Our Webinar with Skratch

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Curious to see how mobile application development company, Skratch, is making sense of silo’d data with augmented analytics technology? Scott Bennet, CEO of Skratch, and Ronen Akiva, CTO of Skratch, share how they are benefiting – and growing their business – from data-driven decisions.

Here are 5 smart takeaways about Knowi from our webinar with Skratch “How Mobile App Developers Are Accessing Behind-the-Scenes Analytics with IoT.” And if you missed the event, you can view it here.

1.      You don’t need to be technical

Thanks to Knowi’s ease of use and integrative platform, the hard and confusing work is done for you. As a non-technical user, with a team that possessed a limited data background, Scott found the program highly useful from its first introduction to the company. Allowing Scott and his team at Skratch to have an imagination and challenge each other to reach new data driven goals. This ability is allowing Skratch to build their customer network and look to expand beyond their current area. With key data now accessible and easy to understand for the whole company, Scratch’s growth options have expanded.

2.      You gain increased efficiency of integrating data

By completely bypassing the ETL process and implementing a program that is easy to use, simple tasks like building a new dashboard now take place in only minutes, exponentially shortening the long process occurring on other platforms. The user is able to customize and adjust the platform to their liking, with very little adoption pains in the initial process.

3.      You get an email report sent each morning with key data

Start your day right each morning; Pick the most significant data you want to see and Knowi will automatically email it to you each day to ensure maximum efficiency. We know that in the business world every day is filled with something new. Our automatic email feature is created to ensure you don’t miss the most important data on the days time is not on your side. You define what you want to see, we’ll make sure you have it before your day begins.

4.      Easy to use and customizable dashboards for different situations

Ronen and Scott previewed some key examples of dashboards they have created that have led to increased knowledge and efficiency within their day-to-day activities. Your business can benefit from the User, location and gig dashboards in the same way Skratch has by using the simplified data these dashboards provide to switch or target marketing strategies, understand the demographics and location of customers and discover new behavioral details and patterns your data platform never allowed you to see before.

5.       You have customer support whenever you need it

When Skratch were looking for a new data analytics server to congregate and distribute their data, great customer service from the solution provider was at the top of their list. Knowi has been there for the Skratch team at any point they have needed throughout the implementation and use process. The high response level has allowed the team to thrive within the Knowi platform and create their own business story.

About Skratch

Skratch is a mobile app that provides a link between ambitious teens and sponsors with a goal of creating service providers at an affordable cost. After suffering through data analytics servers that were too technical or not meeting their business needs, Skratch found Knowi and has thrived using their platform to compartmentalize, analyze and grow using data in a way they never had before.

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Want to learn more about Augmented Analytics? Take a look at this post written by Knowi COO Ryan Levy.

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