Robust infrastructure that goes way beyond dashboards

Knowi HUB is a central place for all your data, dashboards, and analytics

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The master hub for all your data connections

Knowi HUB skipped the shortcut integrations that a lot of products use and instead created true native integrations to all the data sources you care about. That means that you can trust it’s pulling in the right data and the right version of the data every time.

By using a proprietary data index and caching layer, Knowi HUB is able to connect and work with unstructured and semi-structured data just as easily as with traditional relational data.

Knowi HUB can connect to data sources without first requiring you to move and structure that data in a relational database. Knowi is the first and only no ETL business intelligence platform.

Knowi HUB: Data Integration Platform
Knowi HUB - Data integration platform - Dashboards and charts without the roadblocks

Dashboards and charts without the roadblocks

Business analysts and developers often hit limitations with what their BI tool can do. Traditional platforms are made to be as easy-to-use as possible, but those simplifications sacrifice how much control you have. Knowi HUB allows you to build a simple dashboard, or dig deep to craft a custom solution.

Blend SQL, NoSQL, and REST-API data together

Stop trying to force outdated tools to work with your modern data and get something built from the ground up to work with all data types. 

Knowi HUB: Data Integration Platform

Full data analytics with or without SQL

Knowi HUB has a visual query builder so you can build dashboards without writing a single line of code.

Comfortable with SQL? No problem. HUB has a full robust interface so you can create queries as complex as your heart desires.

Knowi HUB is built with robust security and user access features to provide maximum granular control over your valuable data.

Safe and secure data access

Unlike a lot of BI tools, Knowi HUB does not require you to move your data, removing a number of security complications that spring from moving sensitive data.

Knowi HUB has robust security access, data access, and user controls to make sharing simple and secure.

Knowi HUB: Data Integration Platform - Safe and secure data access​
Knowi HUB - Data Integration Platform - Accelerate your data analytics projects by 10x

Accelerate your data analytics projects by 10x

By connecting directly to any data, anywhere, we shave weeks, some times months, off analytics projects by eliminating the need to move and transform your data.

Knowi HUB's native integration gives data engineers, data scientists, and business teams the agility they need to work iteratively and create the perfect dataset in a matter of days, not weeks.

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