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What’s New?? — Knowi 2021 Updates

Hey! It’s been a while. Learn about the new features & enhancements we’ve been cooking up here at Knowi.

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Search-based Analytics with Knowi + Microsoft Teams

Knowi’s search-based analytics with Microsoft Teams integration allows you to ask questions from your Knowi data, retrieve reports, schedule queries, and much more, all within the Teams app.

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Migrating from Chartio? Allow us to introduce… Knowi

If you’re looking for a new analytics platform to replace Chartio, then let us introduce ourselves. We’re Knowi and we’re obsessed with creating meaningful data analytics for our customers.

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What is ElasticSearch Used For?

Elasticsearch is an open-source, distributed data search engine that has been blowing up in popularity — Here’s the 411 on what you should know These days, due to digitalization, unstructured data is getting generated at a higher volume and velocity than ever before. Organizations are sitting on tons of unstructured data, but retrieving effective information from this …

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Knowi Widget Alerts — Tutorial

Knowi’s Alerts allow you to stay on top of important changes in your business to drive actions. With Alerts, you can monitoring query execution, receive real-time notifications when thresholds and conditions are met, or when anomalies are detected within your data.

Chartio Migration Final

Chartio Migration

Migrating over from Chartio? Here’s a handy “cheat sheet” for all things Knowi to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Snowflake Data Analytics

Snowflake Data Analytics Tutorial

Use Knowi to connect to a sample Snowflake data source and run a query on it, ask more questions about your data using search-based analytics, and create visualizations.

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Is MongoDB Good for Analytics?

Is MongoDB good for analytics? Here we show how to get SQL-level analytics on your NoSQL MongoDB database.