Blog Knowi InstantSights: Natural Language Generation

Knowi InstantSights: Natural Language Generation

Knowi has introduced “InstantSights” which empowers you with the ability to present complex data analysis results in simplified and easily understandable plain English insights so that it may become easy to ask queries.

In this blog post, we will cover the following aspects of InstantSights: 

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InstantSights aims to translate technical or statistical information into plain English so that even a layman or a stakeholder can easily comprehend the insights without requiring deep knowledge of the underlying analytics techniques.

InstantSights takes a user’s calculations, anomaly detection, and a bit of machine learning to calculate growth patterns, data behaviors summaries, etc. and surface that up in plain English. 

The tool automatically generates or assists in crafting explanations, descriptions, or narratives that accurately convey the meaning and implications of the data insights, making it easier for a broader audience to understand and act upon the information.

The InstantSights may include key findings, summaries, trends, correlations, or patterns discovered through the analysis process.



The transformation of the data into plain English insights allows better decision-making, enhanced communication, and many other benefits as listed below:

  • Improved Accessibility: By presenting complex data analysis results in plain language, insights become more accessible to a wider audience. Non-technical stakeholders, such as managers or executives, can easily understand and interpret the findings, leading to better-informed decision-making.
  • Enhanced Communication: Plain English insights facilitate effective communication between data analysts and stakeholders. It reduces the need for jargon or technical terms, ensuring that the insights are easily understood and shared across teams or departments. This promotes clearer discussions and alignment on data-driven strategies.
  • Faster Decision-Making: When insights are presented in a straightforward manner, stakeholders can quickly grasp the implications of the data analysis. This accelerates the decision-making process, as there is no need for extensive explanation or interpretation, enabling timely actions or adjustments based on the insights.
  • Reduced Misinterpretation: Complex technical language can lead to misinterpretation or misunderstandings of data analysis results. Insights in plain English minimize the risk of miscommunication, ensuring that stakeholders correctly understand the key findings, trends, or correlations derived from the data.
  • Empowered Self-Service Analytics: Plain English insights enable self-service analytics, where non-technical users can independently explore and comprehend data analysis outcomes. It reduces reliance on data experts for interpretation, empowering users to make data-driven decisions without requiring deep analytical skills.

Use Cases

If you are thinking of combining InstantSights with the ability to ask questions from the data, we have got you covered! Knowi offers an all-new visualization type and a presenter mode around it. See the use cases below. 

InstantSights Visualization Type

Knowi provides an InstantSights visualization type for generating an automated text-based summary for the particular widget in plain English for you to analyze.

In the example below, when we hover the cursor on a widget named “Net Retention Revenue Details” and activate InstantSights for it, the widget data is interpreted and presented it in simple and plain English language. 


In this case, we can see the plain English results illustrating the lowest values, bottom 5 values, anomaly, and other data.

instant result

Explore the complete steps to activate and configure InstantSights for dashboards, please refer to the InstantSights documentation. 

Presenter Mode

Whenever you launch a dashboard in presenter mode and if the InstantSights are enabled, the charts are displayed along with the plain English insights making the presentation more effective. 

For more details, please refer to the Presenter Mode documentation.



Knowi brought in “InstantSights” to bridge the gap between technical analysis and decision-making by making data insights more accessible, comprehensible, and actionable to a broader range of users. With this addition, we are confident that the insights will become more accessible to a wider audience while allowing robust communication and faster decision-making.

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