ElasticSearch Business Intelligence & Reporting

Instant Data Visualization. Easily Blend Relational Data with Elasticsearch Data. Enable Business-Driven Analytics.

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Elasticsearch Analytics and Reporting

Knowi is a complete BI solution allows you derive insights from your ElasticSearch clusters and join against other NoSQL and SQL datasources for combined view of your data. With our Elasticsearch data visualizations and dashboards, you can deliver business reporting and analytics that is not possible with other solutions, without moving data out of Elasticsearch and into relational structures or a data warehouse.

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Or, in minutes, you can be visualizing your Elasticsearch data. Just complete these five steps:

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  • Connect to our Elasticsearch cluster or connect your own
  • Discover data you want to analyze
  • Use our drag & drop query generator to create a query
  • Visualize the results

ElasticSearch Visualization

Business Analytics on Elasticsearch

Say goodbye to cumbersome ETL processes to migrate ElasticSearch data into a relational database and point a desktop based BI tool built for 2005 data.

Our native integrations provides an integrated end-to-end BI solution for multi-structured data from data preparation, transformation all the way to embeddable insights.


  • Plugin ElasticSearch Queries
  • Complement ElasticSearch queries with Cloud9QL, a powerful SQL based post processor built for reporting to handle data preparation, pipelining, date based windowing, predictions and range of other reporting uses
  • Join and blend data across various NoSQL and SQL based datasources
  • Direct query execution into your database to drive visualizations, or, store and track seamlessly using our scalable, schema-less, flexible cloud warehouse
  • Multiple Deployment and connectivity modes: Cloud with nothing to install, on-premise and an hybrid mode using an agent
  • Share and embed dashboards to internal groups or via a simple URL
  • Works on any device
  • Choose from nearly 30 different visualization options
  • Drilldowns
  • Live, auto updating charts/widgets
  • Export data in various formats
  • Email Dashboard PDFs and CSV data
  • Run queries on a schedule or real-time
  • Prediction algorithms that auto-selects the best prediction models and forecast for any dataset
  • Plug-in architecture for custom logic & custom prediction algorithms
  • Incremental data pulls and warehouse updates
  • Push API to send real-time data
  • Data Export API
  • Single Sign-On API for embedding inside your portal
  • Roll ups and aggregations
  • Cloning and transformations
  • Interactive filters

As a payments company, our myriad of data sources are highly optimized for throughput, not reporting. Turning our large volumes of data into something that was useful beyond our transactional platform has always been a challenge until we partnered with Knowi. We were up and running in a few days and are now able to provide our business and finance teams reports they only previously dreamed of.

Knowi has proved invaluable in our quest for seamless and performant data manipulation and visualization. The platform is top notch and incredibly easy to use; couple that with the incredibly experienced and attentive staff and you have a recipe for success, and all in record time.

Knowi provides unprecedented real-time insights into our users' activity in an intuitive, innovative and slick way. Visual analytics of our custom metrics have improved how we strategize core product development and helped our customers launch more effective marketing campaigns. I'm loving it!

Our business always requires reports from structured and unstructured data. Knowi was the only platform that was able to replace our complex ETL layer and go from data to visual insights very quickly. I am very pleased with the capabilities of their platform. Above all, they are amazing to work with - They don't miss a beat even at 3 AM!

The Net2Television system collects data from three different sources. With Knowi we are able to combine these disparate data collections into one easy-to-visualize set of graphs that shows how our viewers are watching and interacting with our content."

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