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Embedded analytics bridges the gap between raw data and actionable insights, ensuring that every team member, regardless of their technical expertise, can make informed decisions swiftly. However, as with any powerful tool, there are best practices to follow and challenges to navigate – browse our thoughts on the topic here.

Knowi – A BI tool with Embedded Analytics Like No Other!

Today’s data is massive and disorganized. To evaluate modern data, you need a BI Tool solution that can interact with any data- structured or unstructured without the fuss, or additional cost of moving or transforming it. This is where Knowi saves the day!

How Embedding with Knowi can Elevate your Web Pages and Apps

Knowi’s visualization tools are not only useful for internal reporting, but are also capable of presenting dashboards and widgets to external sources. This can be done through a variety of sharing options but one of the most powerful methods is through embedding. In this blog we will explore the benefits of this feature, the various types of embeds, and a simple 8 step tutorial on how to create a basic embedded widget.

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