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Elastic Search

Elasticsearch: What it is, How it works, and what it’s used for

When people ask, “what is Elasticsearch?”, some may answer that it’s “an index”, “a search engine”, an “analytics database”, “a big data solution”, that “it’s fast and scalable”, or that “it’s kind of like Google”. Depending on your level of familiarity with this technology, these answers may either bring you closer to an ah-ha moment or further confuse you. But the truth is, all of these answers are correct and that’s part of the appeal of Elasticsearch.

OpenAI Integration with Knowi

OpenAI Integration with Knowi

Knowi implemented the OpenAI integration to help data engineers, data analysts, data scientists, or anyone responsible for managing the data to make querying easier while increasing overall productivity. Further more, OpenAI as a datasource within Knowi allows you to enrich the existing data with OpenAI, whether it be in your query workflow or dashboards.

Knowi: A Brief Walkthrough

Do you want to simplify your ETL processes? It is now possible with “Knowi”, a powerful BI tool to extract and store business data. Explore the tool here!

Knowi- A BI tool with Embedded Analytics Like No Other!

Today’s data is massive and disorganized. To evaluate modern data, you need a BI Tool solution that can interact with any data- structured or unstructured without the fuss, or additional cost of moving or transforming it. This is where Knowi saves the day!

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