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Datastax Astra

DataStax Astra Analytics Tutorial

Use Knowi to set up a datasource with Datastax Astra, run a query on your data, analyze & visualize your data, and use search-based analytics to ask more questions of your data.

Power Bi Vs Tableau

Power BI vs Tableau vs Knowi

Within the BI tools, we see a lot of comparisons happening between Power BI vs Tableau due to their widespread popularity. But we thought it would be interesting to do an article with a 3-way comparison between Tableau vs Power BI vs Knowi and see how they stand with each other. Before diving into the comparison, let us get an introductory overview of each of them.

Datastax Cassandra Blog Featured Image

Native Analytics on Apache Cassandra with Knowi

This post will walk you through the steps of using Knowi for Cassandra analytics, including setting up connectivity to your Cassandra data source and create interactive visualizations from it. In this demonstration, we’ll be analyzing sample marketing data pertaining to an email sending campaign.

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