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Knowi Widget Alerts — Tutorial

Knowi’s Alerts allow you to stay on top of important changes in your business to drive actions. With Alerts, you can monitoring query execution, receive real-time notifications when thresholds and conditions are met, or when anomalies are detected within your data.

Chartio Migration Final

Chartio Migration

Migrating over from Chartio? Here’s a handy “cheat sheet” for all things Knowi to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Snowflake Data Analytics

Snowflake Data Analytics Tutorial

Use Knowi to connect to a sample Snowflake data source and run a query on it, ask more questions about your data using search-based analytics, and create visualizations.

ElasticSearch analytics tutorial

Elasticsearch Analytics Tutorial

Use Knowi to connect to an Elasticsearch datasource, query your data with search-based analytics, and create visualizations from your queries.

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